It’s Competition time, nearly.

Here at A Green Cow, we are Get Thisians, and believe in crumby prizes for shoddy competitions, as initiated by the glorious Ed Kavalee. So here is how it works:

We run a competition, and whoever wins, get to pick their own prize. We then go to the Mostly $2 shop and get the $2 version of that prize. Now before you think we are cheap, nasty and downright boring, $2 is a genre, and some things are more expensive than $2.

Most of these competitions I have been running over on Twitter, but from now on, I will have them here, linked to Twitter. The last competition run was “Secret Sound” where you don’t get to hear the sound (after all, it is a secret), but the winner is the first person to guess what it is. Well done to Megan Orrin of Yadda Yadda Yadda, who correctly guess it was a Vuvuluza.

As thing go along we do provide clues, so the competitions are well worth entering. Besides, you could win a great prize, even though you are not very likely too.

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