What’s Under Laurie Oakes?

Ok, competition time, and this one is a beauty. But first…

Here is the prize pack that was won during Secret Sound:

Ludicrousitsy asked for a Kavalee worthy prize. So she got a Pop Out Brain guide, hair charms to give her that chic punk look, a lavender candle, and a wonderful dolphin opal necklace. See! Cheap, nasty and downright boring, but worth it.

So now it is time for us to find out

“What’s Under Laurie Oakes”?

To enter, just leave a comment with what you think is under Laurie Oakes. Now to give you a hint, it’s not something stupid like a fish or a stapler inserted into his rectum. You just have to think about your answer and give it a go. I’ll leave clues as things go along, so give it a go. The winner gets to tell me what prize they want, then I go to the Mostly $2 store and get their version of that prize for you. Good luck!


Guesses so far:

  • Cheap, unpleasant Ikea furniture.
  • A golf club

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  1. Cheap, unpleasant Ikea furniture.

  2. A golf club.

  3. Neither of those.

    It is something political.

  4. The crushed body of Kevin Rudd’s career as PM?

  5. We have a winner. Well done Dale.

  6. […] may remeber back in early July, the fun that was “What’s Under Laurie Oakes?” That was won by WiseFAQ, and finally after many issues in our handling and logistics […]

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