The Unexpected Variety Hour – Review

So tonight I trundled off to semi hip/gentrified/Post Modern/Urban Art/Now/etc Kensington, to see Jenny Wynter’s show, The Unexpected Variety Hour, at Revolt Theatre.


I may as well get the quote suitable for promotional material out of the way now, “If it wasn’t for my birth defect resulting in no tear ducts, I would have been crying though out this show with joy, sorrow and there is always a third analogy”. Mmmm, a bit long maybe.


Ok, so I have known Jenny through the internet for many years now, and I went to this show with an air of excitement at finally meeting her. But the show changed me. It was a wonderful roller coaster ride, that had me wanting to stop her show, just so I could give her a hug. The Unexpected Variety Hour takes us hand in hand through Jenny’s life, from Flashdance, to flashing lights around her name, to  flashings of her life before her eyes as she gives birth, to flashbacks to her beautiful mother. What I saw tonight certainly lived up to the title of unexpected variety, but it was one of the most heartfelt things I had ever seen. Jenny’s ability to carry a one woman show is only outclassed by her powerful voice, oh and what a voice she has. We’re not talking some half baked shower warbler, we’re talking goes up to 12, because 11 just isn’t powerful enough.


I certainly got more than I bargained for with the show, and for only $20, you wont find better entertainment at the festival. Jenny certainly is a comic talent, who does more than just throw out one liners, she is an all round performer, who just keeps giving her audiences more. Sure this may sound a bit bias, given I know Jenny, but seriously, I was really entertained tonight, and that’s a pretty hard thing for anyone to do. I’m going back to see the show again, as I’m sure you will do too, after you see it for the first time. Get in quick, because there’s not long to go, before Jenny heads off to share her talents with the rest of the world.

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