The (SECOND) Unexpected Variety Hour – Review

So I headed off to see The Unexpected Variety Hour show again, and if you were to look at recent blog posts, you may think that’s all I’ve been doing. Seriously though, I am working on other blog posts, and my fingers are sore from all the typing, to do with non blog post related things. I’ll get them posted soon, some things take time you know.


It’s said that the way to measure to quality and worth of a performer, is to see how much they put into each show. I don’t know if that’s an exact quote, and at this late hour I really can’t be bothered using a search engine to find the right thing. Needless to say, the mark of a great performer is someone who puts just as much energy into show 100 as they did for show 1. Tonight, I got to see the mark of a truly great performer, and her name is Jenny Wynter.

The first time I saw this show, I was moved to tears, felt a shiver down my spine, and wanted to stop the show and give Jen a hug. This time, I knew the run of the show, so there was no way she was going to stump me again, but she did. Once again I was captivated by her performance. I was taken on a journey into the world of Jenny, a place where you hang on every moment, and rejoice in it leading to another. I have to say, and it is no lie, I enjoyed this performance just as much as the first time I saw the show, and the credit for that can only go to Jenny. She has created a wonder and moving piece of art, that you simply can’t not enjoy. Yes, that may be a double negative, but two wrongs do make a right in this case, and The Unexpected Variety Hour is right on the money.

There isn’t long to go until the show has to wrap up it’s Melbourne season, so get in quick and have a great night of entertainment, that will have you smiling long after the show has ended.

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