Same Sex/Same Rights

I’ve got to say, I’m against Gay Marriage. There, I said it, and some people may find that shocking, and others will applaud it. But let me make one point clear.

I’m not against, two people of the same gender getting married, I’m against the term Gay Marriage. It boxes the whole debate in to one simple little box, that even the most small minded of people, can see past the pretty colour pictures of their tabloid media of choice, read those two words, and make an “informed decision”. They don’t need to know the facts, because two words have summed up the whole debate for them. Steve and Barry want to get married, well I’m to having that with my corn flakes!

But here’s the thing, those two little words don’t paint the whole picture. Even when it’s expanded out a bit more, and explained to people, they still just see those two words. Has our society become that simplistic that we can no longer look at the whole issue, and make an informed decision? Have we been reduced to thinking the only time worth having knowledge on a subject is when there’s an SMS voting line attached, where we can also win a new Sonappsung a entertainment system? I hope not.

When you look at the basic argument, this is about human rights, so that same sex attracted people, can not be treated as second class citizens, and stand as equals with anyone else. But there is also a second class to that second class. People who would make up a very minor figure, that at a guess would have many zeros after the decimal point, before they even have a number.

These people are happily married, and intend to stay that way, through sickness and in health, good times and bad, for as long as they both shall live. But the current laws say they must get divorced, office both people are to be recognised for who they are. Confused? Well read on.

As laws currently stand in Australia, when someone goes through all the required medical procedures, to correct a birth defect, they are entitled to have their birth certificate corrected to state the correct sex. After all, it’s not their fault the document was incorrect at birth, so after proving they are their correct gender, not the gender assigned to them, they have right to correct that document. Unless they are married.

You see, if two people love each other so much, that despite all the changes that happen with a gender transition, they want to stay together, and love each other for as long as they both live, they can’t do it, unless they continue to have incorrect documents for all other aspects of their life.

Now you may think this is not such a big deal. After all, they can use Miss or Mister as they see fit. But for medical records, if they for some reason are in trouble with the law, for pensions, for car insurance, for basically any aspect of their life, apart from their outward appearance, they will still be classed according to that incorrect documentation they were assigned at birth. If they want to tick the final box, they simply can’t do it, because this country does not allow same sex marriage.

It’s not only about a simple document like a birth certificate, but it is also about public perception, and discrimination. If someone has changed gender, every time they have to provide documentation, or proof of relationship, they have to out themselves as someone who has undergone a gender transition. You may not think this is a big deal, but how much of your past do you want to tell to any stranger out there, just so your basic human rights can be acknowledged? Is it fair these people are put through the anguish each and every time, or should they be forced to lie to everyone, just so other people can keep their nice little stereotype that marriage is only between a man and a woman?

So you see Gay Marriage is not about Gay marriage. It’s about each and every person in this country, having the same rights as everyone else. It’s not about forcing Barry Bloke to accept a marriage proposal from Harry Hotpants, simply because Harry has the hots for Barry and asks. It’s about everyone being given a fair go, and that’s the way we do it in Australia. We are country that is young and free, that advances fairly. Or do we think that fairness should only extend to those who aren’t affected by discrimination?

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  1. Yup

  2. Beautifully said. And how tormenting it is for anyone who has had gender corrective surgery! Wow I didn’t realise and it is appalling. Whatever your wishes for a good fulfilling life, no one has the right to demand you give up your right to dignity. Dignity is the one thing that can never be bargained.

  3. Gee Megan, tell us what you really think. lol

    Well you learn something new every day Susan. You are right about the dignity though, and people who transition are expected to give up that, along with every other aspect of their life, due to the bigotry of others.

  4. I’m against the whole concept as whole. Give them marriage and then they’ll be wanting the right to vote, or equal pay. Where does it end?

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