I’m an imbecile, so you must know.

This one was a bit too long to tweet, so I’m writing it here.

At work today, I was typing out an email on my pad of eye, when a college interrupted me, with the following line. “You know this technology shit, how does that Facebook thing work”
I looked at him blanky, and said “Don’t know really, not a fan of it.”
“Bullshit, your fingering that thing (points at pad eye) so you know”*
“No, I’m sending an email, I’m not using Facebook.”

He grunted and walked off in a huff, because I was apparently bullshiting him, and not answering his questions, all because I’m supposedly some technology wizard, based on my use of a tablet device, therefore I should know about the one crappy thing he is interested in.

Next time I see him eating a sandwich, I’m going to asking how to make Muenster Cheese Souffl√© with Red Bell Pepper and Tomato Salad.

*Note, I know I have used the wrong word in this statement, it should be “you’re” not “your”, but I could tell that even through his vocal use of the language, he had gotten it wrong.

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  1. The best part about using an iPad is being a salesperson for Apple. I don’t mind answering questions for people interested (hey, if it helps convert them, fine) but it would be nice to go a day without someone wanting a full blown demonstration.

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