We Have A Winner!

Well done to Dale from WiseFAQ, who proved he is a wise fark with his correct answer for “What’s Under Laurie Oakes?”

  1. Dale posted on July 6, 2010:

    The crushed body of Kevin Rudd’s career as PM?

Congratulations Dale, now just let me know what prize you want and where to send it too, and you’ll get the Mostly $2 version of that prize.

Stay tuned everyone for another exciting competition real soon.

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  1. Until I re-reread the fine-print, I WAS going to ask for the cash register. (Always wanted to do that, never had the chance so far).

    Then I thought, what about jewellery? But the wives of FIFA officials have that market covered. (better to give than receive in those cases).

    Heck, looks like I’m going to go for the “Mostly $2 store” version of the Mont Blanc pen.

  2. Cash and prizes it is then Dale. Will get them in the next few days when I can be bothered going there.

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