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This is kind of another open letter, sorry, I seem to be having a bit of a run of them lately.


Dear Hon. Julia Gillard MP, Prime Minister of Australia,

I know things are a bit tough for the government at the moment, but I think you’re actually doing a pretty good job for the most part. I’m not here to bag you out or complain that the guy from number 32 in my street has a wonky eye and looks at me funny on a Tuesday, and when is this government going to do something about it. No, I’ve just got one statement/question to ask of you, and it’s one you’ve heard a lot, but please hear me out.


You’ve made your stance on same sex marriage very clear. To paraphrase, and in a way  put words in your mouth, it’s going to happen, but you wont be putting your name to it.

I can understand where you are coming from with this. After all, you don’t want to piss people off, because you probably like being prime minister, and in government, so keep those who keep you there happy. But here’s the thing, and it’s something I don’t like either, but the Labor party are probably going to lose the next election as things are. Sorry to say it, but a lot of people out there can’t see the forest for the trees when it comes to politics. In the position you are in, every decision must be calculated out, weighted, and decisions made to keep your party on top. But I think you’ve been a bit blinded by those around you.


As someone who voted for you, I’m asking you to take a chance, put your best foot forward and openly support same sex marriage.


Now when I say I voted for you, I mean I actually went to a polling booth, grabbed that HB pencil in my had, and voted for you, because at the time of the election, I was living in your electorate. It wasn’t about which party or anything like that, I chose to vote for you. But it’s a pity that that vote doesn’t count. Instead you pander to religious groups, who didn’t actually vote for you, and in doing so turn your back on those who did actually vote for you.


As I said before, like it or not, at the next election, your time in the Lodge is odds on to end. I just hope before then Tony Abbott is not in charge of the Liberals, because things will really go bad, but that’s a whole different thing to blog about. All I’m asking you to do is to put your name to something that will really make a difference for millions of Australians, and it wont cost the government anything at all in financial terms. That would certainly help Swanny balance the budget.

Have a think about the Labor prime ministers who have gone before you. Have a look at what they put their name to, and the legacy it has left for this country.

  • Kevin said he was sorry on behalf of every one.
  • Paul and his Redfern speech.
  • Bob and his no child in poverty.
  • Gough and his, well I can’t remember much about Gough, I was still in nappies at the time, but he certainly left his mark on Australian politics.

So as someone who voted for you, I am asking you please put your name to something important. You wont be seen as two faced, you will be seen as someone who took a stand for Australians who are not treated equally. You will be seen as someone who made the hard decisions, and put their political career on the line to take a stand for what is right. You will be remembered as someone who did good.


Now there is no chance of me voting for you again, but only because I have now moved out of your electorate, but I am asking that you make the vote I made count, by simply saying yes to Same Sex marriage now.


Thanks Julia,



PS: I love the fact that in this country we can call the leader of the nation by their first name. It shows Australians believe more in what is right, over wanky stuff that doesn’t improve the lives of everyone.

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  1. I wonder if you heard the comments from the leader of the Anglican Church this morning? He was basically saying “what will we tell the children”? Because evidently same-sex couples don’t have billy lids and the ones that do, don’t deserve to be acknowledged. Well said

  2. I read a blog post, FarceBook, tweet (can’t remember) a couple of months ago, about a man who was asked a question by his four year old daughter. A question he knew was going to be asked at some point, but he didn’t know how the result would go. I’ll continue how it was written:

    Got asked by my daughter why uncle Peter wasn’t married like her mum and dad are. So I explained to her that uncle Peter didn’t have a wife, because he loves his friend Paul, instead. But Peter and Paul are not allowed to get married in this country. Her reply “That’s sad daddy…, can we have ice cream?”

    Yep, we must think of the children, the world is doomed if their biggest concern in life is having ice cream.

  3. Love the story and yes, the answer to everything is can I have ice cream.

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