Wabbit Season, Duck Season!

When is Arsehole Season? A simple question.

To hunt any kind of feral species, you need a license, there is generally a season, and you have to prove you know what you are doing, for the good of society, and then you can go get ’em. So why don’t we have a season where the world can be done a favour, by getting ride of Arseholes?

Now I’m not saying they all should be killed first time, no not at all. Some just need a slight wounding, that takes a few weeks to heal, which gives them time to realise they are an Arsehole, because someone has done them the courtesy of tearing them a new arsehole.

I’m talking about people like those arseholes who put a basket or trolley in the check out queue, then bugger off to find 473 other things, they happened to have forgotten, one at a time.
I’m talking about those arseholes who admire your fine parking abilities, buy parking so close to your car with their lowered wankmobile, that it is impossible to get in to your car.
I’m talking about those arseholes who give their kids weird names, don’t show any level of parenting ability, then blame society when little Tamazajina runs rampant.
I’m talking about those people who think the world is there to wait on them hand and foot, because they once called an SMS vote line for some singer on a television show, which means they made the world a better place.
I’m talking about, well, I think you get the idea by now.

So come on please, let us have Arsehole Season. I’ve made my list, I’ve been checking it twice, I know who is naughty, and who is nice. But most importantly of all, I know who the Arseholes are.

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  1. Brilliant idea, I’ve been knee deep in the bastards over the past 3 weeks. *now…where’s me shotty*

  2. Thinking of this post, the list may be a bit too long. Better just make it an open season.

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