The All New Fresh Looking AGC

So I got on here to do a blog post about AFL jumpers. Then I noticed another upgrade to WordPress, then I got going on changing the theme, and then I designed a new header. This is what happens when you let a cow wander in the fields.

Any issues, let us know. Any comments, let us know. Any complaints…, moo!

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  1. I like the old one better…. Hmmm, not sure if comment or complaint?!?

  2. That’s an opinion Mike, something everyone is entitled to, but few use correctly.

    I’m still working on things here a bit, expect more tinkering. This was more a test post to see if the new format worked.

  3. Hmm, the grass is not as lush but I see the format colour- scheme is akin to a carton of milk… ok it’s 3:30am, on leave and I can’t sleep (o_0)
    Ooo, ooo… The comment box mirrors as you type!!!

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