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Rant time here today.

As much as I’m an anti-smoker, they are not the direct result of my rant here, but they can in general get stuffed. No what I am complaining about is supermarkets and their bullshit double standards.

Go there to get some fresh healthy fruit, and you have to line up for three days, jump over the turtles, bang your head on some bricks, nearly save the princess before she is dragged away by a dragon, before you get to use a self serve check out, or be told that this aisle is closing, and have to line up to do it all again.

But be a smelly drug user, and you get served right away at your own special counter, and screw anyone else who has been lining up since Moses played full back for Jerusalem.

And it all comes down to money, plain and simple.

The supermarkets know that the drug users won’t line up for their hit, no, they have to get it right there, right now, at any price, so give them what they want.

This last weekend, I lined up at the supermarket, stepped up, and the checkout chick said hello, grabbed my first item, then put it down, said she would be a second, and served three smokers who wandered up after she had already begun to serve me. Go and stick that up your deli section you bastards, that’s poor form.

As far as I am concerned, treat everyone equally. Make the junkies line up like everyone else, make them go through the pain of having to deal with the poor excuse for retail, like everyone else. I’ve had enough of this crap, it’s just not on anymore. So from now on, when this happens, I’m just going to leave my shopping all over the check out, and they can sort it out. Smokers complain out their rights, well you bastards have the right to line up like the rest of us.

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