How Times Haven’t Changed

So I was going through the archive of my old blog, and I found a post from 2005. It was in the early days of my blog, when I had no idea what to write. That is of course unlike these modern times, where I don’t have a need to write. I digress.

Anyway, it was 100 (or in my case 107) things about me. A I read back, I noticed my views on some of the things had changed, some were still just as firm as ever. So I thought I would look back, and fill you all in on some of them.

4. I Am Not Religious.
I’m still not religious, but now I’m more informed, and I have to say my feelings towards religion have grown. I think it is one of the worst things in society, and one of the major things holding back society today. I would happily live in a world with out religion. It has been proven to be useless time and time again, yet people still cling to it.

5. I’ve been married, and wont do it again.
I will married again, but I need the laws to change first, before it can happen.

9. I have had about 40 broken bones.
Make that over fifty now. I gave up on counting.

13. I prefer my exclusive company, to the company of others.
Don’t get me wrong, people are ok, but only in small doses.

21. Cooking helps with my depression.
I still does. What is more annoying is the depression is still there. It’s a mental illness, and I have to work with it every day. There are good times, there are bad times. Since writing this post originally, there have been some very dark times, but I am still here for now.

31. I have two children, and I love them dearly.
I still do. At the time of writing this post, I hadn’t seen them for six month, after being screwed over by my ex. I still haven’t seen my kids. No wonder I get depressed.

36. I have never tried coffee.
And I still haven’t. Yay!

37. I want another motorbike, I miss mine.
At the time of writing this, I had sold my bike and was running around in a crappy little car. Since then, I have purchased a VFR800, and then sold it when I got too sick to ride it anymore. I then purchased a cheap little Ninja 250, as a way to run around and have some fun. I sold it a few days later, because I just wasn’t enjoying being back on such a small bike. Then my other half recently got me another VFR800, same as the old one I use to have. Sure it needs a lot of work, but I’m enjoying the project, in my spare time. A girl has to have a hobby.

39. I collect cows.
I still do, only now I have somewhere to display them. The collection grows all the time, and it’s a nice little thing to have going.

40. I don’t wear my glasses as often as I should.
Now I have to wear them all the time, and my eyesight is getting worse.

53. I get about 300 emails a day.
These days I’m lucky to get a handful.

59. I donate plasma.
Not anymore, but I wish I could. It’s thanks to the blood bank that I found out I had leukaemia, and during my treatment, I got about 40 transfusions of blood and blood products. Sure I had made 178 donations to them, so I was in front a bit, but I was still annoyed when they had to give me O negative blood, because they were out of O positive. I felt ashamed I wasn’t doing my part to donate.
At the time the blood bank sent me a letter saying thanks for everything I had done in donating, but at this point in time, they couldn’t accept my blood for the next five years. So I waited five years and went back. But it turns out that letter was wrong. I wasn’t on the “in five years” list, I was on the “never again” list. I was devastated to say the least, and even today when I see a mobile blood bank, I want to go and donate. All I can say is, I’m thankful some people still donate.

69. I have never seen a porno.
I’m not sure if “A Room In Rome” has ruined that claim.

75. I never wash my car.
I think it happens about once a year now.

78. I am known to eat flowers.
I can’t remember the last time I did this, but now I want to.

84. My favourite book is “A Fortunate Life” By Albert Facey
It still is. So much so, I now have a hard copy of it, and an electronic copy.

87. I love test cricket, hohum about one day cricket, find Twenty/20 a joke.
I still love Test Cricket, but these days when I play cricket, the Twenty/20 format is ok with me. Let’s face it, I’m getting old, and my recovery isn’t what it use to be.

92. I swam across Lake Hume and back when I was 12 years old.
This was a major achievement for me at the time. Since then, I’ve cycled from Perth to Melbourne. Given I had only just finished two and a half years of chemo at the time, I think this achievement is slightly greater.

95. I have a fear of cars with out number plates.
Like I said, some things never change. It’s not an irrational fear, it is very rational indeed.

102. I am sarcastic.
Oh really!

103. My favourite sandwich is Ham, Pineapple, Egg, Beetroot and Vegemite.
I haven’t had that combination in years. Mind you, mountain bread with vegemite, honey and a banana is great.

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