So much fun in the bed.

So recently the other half and I got a new bed. Well secondhand, but pretty much new. We upgraded from a Queen size to a King size, and got something called a Sleep Number bed. I’m not one much for doing the whole brand name thing on the blog here, but it kind of has to happen for this story.
For those who don’t know, these beds have an air pocket, that you can adjust to your own liking. It’s not like sleeping on an air bed in the slightest,unless you set the pressure really low. Think of it as having a nice car, but if the tyres are set to 10psi, it will handle like crap.
This particular bed is a top of the range model, but was for sale for $100, because the owner just wanted it out of their house. We looked at the reviews online, which were pretty mixed, but figured for that price it was worth a punt. After all the mattress we had was giving us both back pain, so why not try something else?

The reviews as I said were pretty mixed, but one thing that was often repeated was “the divider in the middle is way too hard”. Now this divider is a light to medium density foam, with a zig zagged edge. It’s about 30mm wide, and runs the length of the bed. It’s only function is to keep the two sides apart. How anyone can think this divider ruins the feel of these beds I do not know. Having a feather gently stroked down your thigh would leave more of an impression than the divider, but for some reason people opinion this makes the bed unsleepable.

So the missus and I, being the immature people we are, have used this divider as a comedy tool, and it has rewarded us with gold. When we are in conversation about anything, and I mean anything, one of us usually works in a reference to the bed divider, and how we will have to leave a review on a website about it. Not just any website, but any website. Four Square, Facebook, LinkedIn, Urban Spoon, iTunes, IMDb, caravan parks, etc. you name it, it’s been suggested. Two girls, one foam divider was one of my favourites, and we have even suggested the JFK assassination wouldn’t have happened, if the bed divider wasn’t so damn hard. (He could have rolled back, and to the left to get a better night’s sleep)

It may be a really silly thing but seriously, who would have though a bit of foam could bring so much joy to a couple of girls who like to sleep together?

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