… and, we’re back!

Well, sort of. Oh where do we begin.

So some of you may have noticed that the website is now a dot net, instead of being a dot com. Long story that.

The old domain was up for renewal, but it got stuffed up by the company I was with, who failed to send out the bill. You see, they were purchased by a bigger company, and some things got left behind in the old office. My account was one of those things. So they locked the account. After some phone calls, they unlocked the account so that I could move it to another company.
But when the other company tried to move things, the old company blocked it, then said I would have to pay them over $200 to make the move, because the domain had now expired. Turns out they didn’t have a record of the deal we had sorted out on the phone the previous day. Talk about useless.

So then I had two options. Pay out the money to the old company, despite having already paid the new company for the domain. Or I could wait until the domain expired back into public domain, and snap it up again, before a domain sitter got it.

Well the domain sitter got it first.

So then I needed a new address, and the dot net was the next best thing. Thankfully now, things are just about sorted out, there is just the need to get all the links sorted it. It will take a while though, as I now have no internet at home. But that’s a whole new issue, for another day.

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