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So a bit of a dig at the AFL and in particular Ticketmaster here.

I’m a member of the Richmond Football Club, have been for years. But what I have to say applies to all teams really, so that point doesn’t matter. As a Richmond member, I get access to the Pre-season games, any games in my state (I’m an interstate member) and up to five Melbourne games as well. As luck would have it, Richmond are playing in my local town as part of the pre-season fluff, so it’s an excellent chance to see my team more than once this season. Now because of limited capacity at the ground, I have to get a ticket for entry. This is where I get angry at the AFL and Ticketmaster.

In order to get my free ticket, I need to purchase a $5 ticket. Because I have to purchase the $5 ticket, I have to be charged an administration fee. In order to pay for the ticket I have to use a credit card, no other options. Because I’m using a credit card, I have to pay a credit card fee. All up the free ticket has cost me $8.

I’m sure at this point you can all see where my anger is directed.

Now I’m happy to support my club. In all honesty the membership is really not worth it for what I get out of it, in terms of games I get to go see. Sure I could attend more Melbourne games to get more value for money, but that would require at least $500 in air fares just to get to the ground, plus all the other costs. So in real terms what I pay around $160 each year for, is to see one game of footy live. Talk about dedication to a team. Now the reason I’m happy to pay this is because with increased member numbers clubs have a better footing to get sponsorship, prime time games, and it adds to the viability of the club.

It may seem like a first world problem, and it really can’t be read any other way actually, but to be slugged for a ticket and associated costs, so I can get my “free” ticket (Which if you look is really an $80 ticket at least), is nothing but corporate greed and theft. It’s $8 less to spend at the game on drinks and food (not that it would get much these days), which would support grass roots footy in the local area. It’s $8 less towards buying merchandise to support my team. It’s an $8 “lining our pockets with money is more important than the game” fee.

Yeah, I know, it’s only $8, but given the ground holds 9,000 people, that’s actually $27,000 in fees, before any ticket prices come into play, that has been stolen off the top. If we look at it as say 3,000 member tickets, 3,000 adult tickets, and 3,000 kids tickets being sold for the game, the gate taking is $85,000, excluding the on top fees. Not bad money if you can get your hands on it, even better when you add in the fees and charges. And all this before a ball has even been bounced.

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