Digging up this blog again was not without issues. Many of the links are broken. Many of the back room elements no longer work. But the biggest problem of course is the MOEs, or Massive Operator Errors that are being caused by myself.

One thing that I know may be annoying some people is having to log in to make a comment. There is a very good reason for that. In the past I have been trolled in online terms, and publicly attacked in real life terms. So despite any protests, the log in requirement will stay, as will the moderation of all comments before they are posted. This isn’t to censor anyone, and let’s face it, if people want to write or say nasty things, I can’t stop that from happening. What I can do though is stop it from happening on my blog, and that’s something that will stay.

I’m still working on getting posts to happen regularly, and with some certainty. I’m learning all of this blog stuff again, and I also have decided on a day that posts will happen regularly. What I’d like to do is have it that posts go up on a set date (easy to do), but also have it that a link is generated to the facebook group for this blog, and my twitter feed. Give me time, and I’ll get there.

I use to have a little chat box off to the side, but that got filled up with spam, so not sure if that will return. I’m not sure if there is a point to it these days either.

Content is the big thing of course regarding this blog. I’m still sorting that one out. Most of what I write has a link to something that has been happening in recent times, but I’m undecided if I should make these links public. It’s a double edged sword, because sometimes it helps people to make sense of what I’m writing about. But on the other hand, by not posting the links, minds run and people make up their own mind (often wrong) as to what I’m referring to.

The other thing is the title of posts. In the past I’ve used some random comment from the post, or a song lyric I think has some kind of link to the subject matter (often cryptic) or just filled in the blank space with nonsense. Not sure if I should keep doing this, or come up with something more random.

While some of you are accessing this blog through a Facebook link, you may also find that I will put up posts that aren’t linked, like the post that’s before this one. That post was a ramble during a moment. Good luck working it out. These kind of “unlisted” posts will happen from time to time, and I may also do a secret section, if I can work out how to do it.

So that’s housekeeping for now. Don’t expect big changes around here any time soon, I’ll just make the changes slowly, if at all. It’s a bit difficult when your computer is on it’s last legs, but that’s for another blog post.

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