Who’s Impersonating A German Polar Bear?

You may remember back in early July, the fun that was “What’s Under Laurie Oakes?” That was won by WiseFAQ, and finally after many issues in our handling and logistics department (hooves make it hard to tie a nice bow on the wrapping), the prize pack was finally delivered, and here it is:

WiseFAQ asked for the $2 shop version of the Mont Blanc pen. Not only did the pack include the prized pen, the packaging of which was inscribed with the words “A Gift For You”, there was also:

  • A green pen holder, just what every desk needs, complete with magnetic belly button.
  • A furry pig desk ornament, complete with red fake flower in its mouth.
  • Not one, but TWO, count them TWO mobile device holders, for when you are charging your mobile devices.
  • For those days when you are busting out crunk in the ‘hood, why not wear a black beanie, complete with stitching that kind of looks like barbed wire from a great distance.

All of these fantastic prizes were beautifully packaged in a big red box. Amazing!

So now it is time to get on with our next competition:

“Who’s Impersonating A German Polar Bear?”

As always, simply put your answer in the comments section, and the first correct answer gets to name their fantastic prize. They will then get the $2 shop version of that prize. Good luck.

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  1. That would our own Bundy Bear on his way to the Germany v Spain World Cup Semi Final.

  2. When asked, the WiseFAQ said:
    “I struggled for words. The last thing I won was in 1977. It a cake from the Upper Manangatang Football Club Raffle.

    I was AMAZED at the QUALITY of the prizes. I don’t think I’ll ever see such quality ever again.

    The WiseFAQ believes in “Pre-emptive Defense” , so the hood will take pride of place in the pool room.

    Best of all??? I still have the box the prizes came in”

  3. It’s not the Bundy Bear, and it is not the prizes from the last comp.

    Maybe the photo is a bit misleading, but someone is impersonating the German polar bear, who is it?

  4. Has it got something to do with Knut (German polar bear) moving back home to his mother?

  5. Nothing at all. It is a person, simple as that.

  6. Kevin Rudd. New foreign minister?

  7. Is it Jim Kerr?

  8. No to Kevin Rudd and Jim Kerr.

    Got to get back to basics people if you want to get this.

  9. Gotye?
    Back to basics you said, he’s in the band ‘the basics’ you see.

  10. Ludicrousity is it Silverchair?

    No, sorry, not Gotye, nor anything to do with the band The Basics.

  11. You need to give some hints.

  12. Katie Dimond (Monty)
    Celia on the phones
    The Bear
    Nicki Hamilton
    Peter Rowsthorn
    Greg Fleet

  13. I’ll excuse the one guess per post limit, as it is obvious you want to win this one.

    I’ll give a two word clue “World Cup”.

  14. Santo Cilaro

  15. You’re getting closer Ludicrousity. Try intending to get to the World Cup, but just end up watching Gay porn instead.

  16. Ed Kavalee

  17. Yay! We have a winner. I thought this one would have been guessed a lot sooner than that.

    Let me know what prize you want and I’ll get the $2 shop version for you.

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