Who’s Impersonating A German Polar Bear?

You may remember back in early July, the fun that was “What’s Under Laurie Oakes?” That was won by WiseFAQ, and finally after many issues in our handling and logistics department (hooves make it hard to tie a nice bow on the wrapping), the prize pack was finally delivered, and here it is:

WiseFAQ asked for the $2 shop version of the Mont Blanc pen. Not only did the pack include the prized pen, the packaging of which was inscribed with the words “A Gift For You”, there was also:

  • A green pen holder, just what every desk needs, complete with magnetic belly button.
  • A furry pig desk ornament, complete with red fake flower in its mouth.
  • Not one, but TWO, count them TWO mobile device holders, for when you are charging your mobile devices.
  • For those days when you are busting out crunk in the ‘hood, why not wear a black beanie, complete with stitching that kind of looks like barbed wire from a great distance.

All of these fantastic prizes were beautifully packaged in a big red box. Amazing!

So now it is time to get on with our next competition:

“Who’s Impersonating A German Polar Bear?”

As always, simply put your answer in the comments section, and the first correct answer gets to name their fantastic prize. They will then get the $2 shop version of that prize. Good luck.

We Have A Winner!

Well done to Dale from WiseFAQ, who proved he is a wise fark with his correct answer for “What’s Under Laurie Oakes?”

  1. Dale posted on July 6, 2010:

    The crushed body of Kevin Rudd’s career as PM?

Congratulations Dale, now just let me know what prize you want and where to send it too, and you’ll get the Mostly $2 version of that prize.

Stay tuned everyone for another exciting competition real soon.

What’s Under Laurie Oakes?

Ok, competition time, and this one is a beauty. But first…

Here is the prize pack that was won during Secret Sound:

Ludicrousitsy asked for a Kavalee worthy prize. So she got a Pop Out Brain guide, hair charms to give her that chic punk look, a lavender candle, and a wonderful dolphin opal necklace. See! Cheap, nasty and downright boring, but worth it.

So now it is time for us to find out

“What’s Under Laurie Oakes”?

To enter, just leave a comment with what you think is under Laurie Oakes. Now to give you a hint, it’s not something stupid like a fish or a stapler inserted into his rectum. You just have to think about your answer and give it a go. I’ll leave clues as things go along, so give it a go. The winner gets to tell me what prize they want, then I go to the Mostly $2 store and get their version of that prize for you. Good luck!


Guesses so far:

  • Cheap, unpleasant Ikea furniture.
  • A golf club

It’s Competition time, nearly.

Here at A Green Cow, we are Get Thisians, and believe in crumby prizes for shoddy competitions, as initiated by the glorious Ed Kavalee. So here is how it works:

We run a competition, and whoever wins, get to pick their own prize. We then go to the Mostly $2 shop and get the $2 version of that prize. Now before you think we are cheap, nasty and downright boring, $2 is a genre, and some things are more expensive than $2.

Most of these competitions I have been running over on Twitter, but from now on, I will have them here, linked to Twitter. The last competition run was “Secret Sound” where you don’t get to hear the sound (after all, it is a secret), but the winner is the first person to guess what it is. Well done to Megan Orrin of Yadda Yadda Yadda, who correctly guess it was a Vuvuluza.

As thing go along we do provide clues, so the competitions are well worth entering. Besides, you could win a great prize, even though you are not very likely too.