Absence (from the body) makes the heart stop beating.

Well the cows are back in the paddock. But why the delay I hear you all ask?

Well it’s like this. When we set up this blog, we decided it was not going to be a personal blog. A few of the cows got in trouble for that a while back, when personal opinion was believed to be more than that, and jokes were seen as a threat and instability of mind. What was worse was when people read through, to cut out the words they wanted to use, create a sentence out of that, and then try to say that is what we are saying. Regardless of if you could or could not make sense of that sentence, you know either way it is ridiculous.

So what of this blog? Well we could blur the lines and make it a bit more personal, and as such do more postings, things like:

My new kitten, isn’t it cute!

Funny footnote that is not at the bottom: When searching for a cute kitten, we typed in “Beiber Cat”, and this showed up. Why did we type “Beiber Cat”, well, the joke was going in a different direction, but wasn’t going to work, so we just went with cute instead.

But really, do we want our readers knowing more about our personal life? No is the answer. For those of you who know the cows, our presence on facebook, and twitter, should be enough. After all, for those who know us, there is no secret as to who is behind A Green Cow, but for those who don’t, well we like to keep it that way. It’s a fine balancing act on a wire fence, try doing that with hooves.

Really, this blog isn’t a blog, but a depository of insights, jokes, and rants. Keeping a certain level of anonymity we think helps the creative process, as there is no shame in recourse through comments. They are not a personal attack, but just another expression.

So as the year ends out, what becomes of the next year? Who knows really, we don’t know when the next post will happen, or if it will happen, or even what it is about. After all, inspiration can not be forced.

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