Yes I Like It, Yes I Am Putting A Ring On It

So it’s not to long until the big massive huge wedding is happening on Adam Hills In Gordon Street Tonight, and a lot of people have been asking questions about it. So with out further ado, here is the Frequently Asked Questions, now with bonus answers, and 10% more fibre.


How did you get involved in all of this?
Before getting tickets to the show, there is a questionnaire to fill out. When asked what she would do if prime minister for a day Elyse said she would legalise same sex marriage.
A couple of days before the episode was filmed, Adam Hills gave me a call and asked if I would propose, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Is the show live?
In short no. In long, the show is semi-live to tape. With the format of the show, they would need hundreds more cameras to catch everything, and even if you included the Hubble telescope, there wouldn’t be enough cameras on earth. Instead the show is filmed on a Monday night, and airs two days later on the Wednesday. I would guess the ABC has some editors who see very little sleep during those 48 hours.

Can I come to the wedding?
Unfortunately not. This thing is big, so big in fact there isn’t enough room in the studio for anyone else to be there. But please. Feel free to watch the show, as the ratings will help to push home the point this is something Australia wants.

Who is the celebrant?
Like most things to do with this wedding, and with the show in general, we simply have no idea. If you would like to start a tipping pool, please let me know who is the odds on favourite. The only two things we know are happening on the night is, Adam Ant is playing the music, and 41 couples from all over Australia are going to show the world how much they love each other.

Is the wedding legal?
Unfortunately it isn’t, but we will certainly be updating our Facebook profiles to say married. While it may just be a TV wedding, our commitment to each other is rock solid.

Ok, so if there is anything else you want to know, please ask. At this point though, I would like to thank everyone from the ABC, who are involved with the show, who have been absolutely amazing in how hard they have worked for all of this. I’d also like to thank all the other couples involved. We haven’t met all of you yet, but those we have are truly wonderful people. Everyone is doing this as a positive step forward, and celebrating the love they have for someone special.

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  1. So lovely and exciting! 🙂

  2. Bring it, sister! I’m so insanely happy for you both I could burst 🙂

  3. i saw the proposal episode and had a screamy ‘ZOMG !!! that’s BEC’ !!!! moment and have just finished watching the wedding episode. Your gown was spectacular by the way.. squillions of congratulations to you and Mrs Bec.
    Much love,
    Neisha xxx

  4. I tuned in to see society begin a steep decline into hell.


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