Doors Are The Windows Of Life

What is it with doors? Why do people fail to treat them with the respect they need?

It doesn’t matter what kind of door it is, car door, house door, even 1960’s band The Doors, when it comes to opening doors, people generally fail.

Why is it, when people open a door, and I’m primarily talking about pushing a door open, why is it they must use maximum force? “I don’t know what is on the other side of this object I am able to grope, so I must DESTROY it with all my force!”

Pity the person other other side of it, who by chance, is having a one in a million (very common) moment, as they reach their hand out to pull the door open, only to have it broken in seventeen places.

Or what about car doors? Why do people need to fling those open as fast as possible, within nanoseconds of the car coming to a stop? Are they attempting to use the door as some kind of air brake, despite the fact the car has already stopped?

I pity the cyclist who is trying to work out why despite being clad in lycra, and riding an expensive bike, they can’t ride any faster, who suddenly is faced with a very immobile object right in front of their face.

So people of the world, here is an idea for you. When it comes to doors, take it easy. When pushing a door open, do it as gently as possible, because you really don’t know what is on the other side. For people with car doors, crack the door open, so it is ajar, but not blocking anything, then pick up all the crap you are taking with you, then slowly open the door, after looking for any obstacles.

It’s pretty simple people, and you’ll be making the world a better place. If you have any trouble understanding any of this, my door is always open.

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  1. This car door thing is appropriate even to people on bikes who don’t wear lycra, like you average run of the mill bike commuter. One morning, pre dawn, had some idiot woman drive past a “no entry cyclists only” sign (dedicated cycleway) pull up next to a no stopping sign, this is after just overtaking aforementioned mug commuter on a bike (moi). Having pulled up in the cycleway, the door flings open exactly as you describe above, occupying the only remain space between her car and the cycleway barrier delineating the motor carriageway. I am fortunate that I have disc brakes on the commuting bike. A rather enlightening conversation ensued thereafter.

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