One cent stamp please

I got my Post Office Box renewal today, and not surprisingly the price has gone up again.

Now I know it’s crazy that I pay to have my mail not delivered to me, but that’s my kind of crazy and I’m sticking to it.

What I did find amusing is the price rise. Prices do rise from time to time, and with the Post Office it’s kind of understandable. After all, with so many people and businesses going to email for communications, the Post Office has to make money somehow, and raising prices for their products and services is a good way to do that, it makes good business sense.
Which is why I found it amusing that the Post Office included advertising for me to get my 2017 renewal via email. Mind you it makes sense. It saves on having to post out letters, it saves printing on all the paper, it saves having to employ people to deliver the mail. What a brilliant plan to cut the costs of running a business, by using modern day devices. If only other businesses hadn’t done the same thing, the Post Office would be able to function as it always had, before those pesky emails came along and ruined things.

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