Guest Post: *Warning* A heart defiantly on sleeve

Today’s post comes from Suzy Cow-Pat. She’s a good friend of the cows here at A Green Cow, so please make her feel welcome by reading on.

I have been thinking lately how the world needs a cold shower. There has been, recently, a disturbing obsession in what passes for ‘sex’ in the culture. It is so inward looking and based on facades. Even God has been usurped in this grinding obsession, as a counterpoint. So I sat on my decking, having my morning coffee, with the Spring rain pelting down on the tin roof and I started thinking: how the world would be different if we all had an equal obsession with love.

If Love was the dominant thought in everyone’s mind; our Pakistani brothers and sisters wouldn’t be pleading for help, because we see in them our families, our homes…

That every young girl could reach her potential without having her own body dissected and judged, because she is firstly a human being, not decoration.

That slavery in the world wouldn’t exist because we honoured the person who produces the goods we need and we enjoy, and valued it accordingly.

That Christians, Muslims, Jews, Non- Believers etc would come together in a sense of esprit de corps because our default response is “You are a human being, You deserve respect”.

That our romantic relationships are based on truth, nourishment and respect. Instead of fear, lies and withholding affection.

Oh my list will go on over time…

I know the analytical part of my brain will come up with reasons why this wouldn’t work but this idealism keeps me alive. It has another name: HOPE.

Peace be upon you all.

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  1. Well said! I guess we can only live that out ourself and hope to inspire others to do the same.

  2. wow… music to my ears 🙂

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