Change for a….

Why as a species are we so afraid of change? More so not change for change sake, but change in our basic understanding of the world around us? It comes across to me as a failure to comprehend that we would rather not know something, than celebrate in the knowledge.

I speak of course of science. Science, that wonderful thing that succeeds by knowing that it got things wrong and is always happy to be corrected.

Yes that is right, they celebrate finding out they go something wrong. I say they, because the majority of the population don’t see it that way. They just look at the failure, not what caused that failure and the outcome from it.

I say failure for want of a better word really. It’s not a failure as such, but an increase in the knowledge we collectively have. But for some reason many people don’t want to let go of what they already know. It comes across as an acceptance of their own failure to understand, so therefore there is no need to improve on that knowledge. It really does strike me as odd.

So what got me thinking about this? Well this week in Australia, the new government decided we don’t need a science minister. They decided we don’t need a climate change minister. They decided we don’t need a climate change authority. In other words, they decided we don’t need to know about new things, and how things are changing, and how we can make things better. Instead they are happy being a failure.

In times to come, many years from now, this government will be looked at and laughed at. But the worrying thing for me is, those laughing will also be laughing at the nation as a whole, for ever electing failure loving parasites in the first place.

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  1. It is the policy of those who think they know what is what and feel threatened by things they cannot understand. So instead of opening their eyes and learning; they want to stomp on it and crush thought all together. This stands sadly, for the electorate as well.
    Embarrassing week this is indeed.

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