End of the month clear out

I write down some of my dreams. These are some of the weirder ones.
Being knocked down a flight of stairs, by a giant red wig, as it was running to the toilet during an intermission at a show.
Pulling a rabbit out of my pants, to prove to myself that I’m dreaming, and that’s why I don’t have a third arm, that is only used to put make up on.
Being annoyed that the only swizzle stick left is a bus, and I can’t use it as I don’t have the right travel card for the system, so my drink remains unmixed.
Hiding a liger in a Volkswagen Beetle, because no one would ever look there for it.
Being embarrassed about farting, but only because I’m inside a green balloon. It would have been ok inside the yellow one, because then Albert Einstein wouldn’t have noticed, by now he knows and will make a meme about it.
Working out I can beat being stuck in peak hour traffic, if I run on all fours in the emergency lane, because that way I can easily jump over any obstacles.
I really wonder what goes on inside my head when I dream, because it’s certainly not what you would call linear.

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