Bruises Fade, The Hurt Lasts.

I’ve decided to open up a bit on this blog, and one of the things to open up about is school bullying. I’ll get to that in a minute, but if you have a subject you would like me to write about, to hear my opinion, leave a note in the Chat Box on the right. Any subject is open to opinion, but I reserve the right to write about it or not.


During school, I was bullied. It happened in primary school, and it happened in secondary school. Of the two, I would say the high school stuff did the most damage.

Now I’m not blaming my whole life on being bullied at school. If I had my time over again, I really don’t know if it would have made much of a difference. We may only be talking a one percent change, it may be a ten percent change. We simply will never know, but one thing is for certain, I haven’t forgotten it. I’m not going to go into details here of what happened, simply because I know there will be others out there who have experienced similar things, and it gives you this strange sense of fear and helplessness, when you hear the stories. Well it does for me at least. To give an example, I’m in my late 30’s, and tried to watch the movie Drillbit Taylor the other week. Please don’t judge me on that, I hadn’t seen it, and there was nothing else to watch. I think I lasted about 20 minutes before I just couldn’t watch it, due to the bullying in it. I mean FFS, it’s just a movie, but it was painful to watch, and not just because of the bad script and poor acting.


I’ve thought over the last few days how I think the bullying has affected my life over the years. The school I attended wasn’t the best of schools, but it was close, and that suited my parents. I actually wanted to go to another school in the area, but as they had had a bad run in with that school in the past, I had to go to where I went. There is no point in me mentioning the school, it’s been closed down for about 20 years now. In year 12 I did manage to go to the school I had wanted to go to, and I did far better there, but I could have done better I think, if I hadn’t had five years at the previous place.


At school I was creative. I enjoyed science, arts, home economics, and textiles. This made me a target in a school where kids didn’t want to learn, they just went to school because they had to. It may have been an escape for them from bad parents, I’ll never know. But the general consensus was, if you were there to learn, you were not there for the right reasons. Every time you showed a bit of endeavour in the classroom, it would be hell for you during the recess and lunch breaks. Heading to school and home again were not any better.


Because of the bullying, I lost interest in doing the things I liked. I still liked them, but there wasn’t any point to doing them, because if I did do them, I would cop a beating for it. As much as I wanted to learn, I simple fear of more broken bones kept me from asking questions. Kept me from trying to do the best I could. Even to this day, while I have achieved a lot with my life, I still have this sense of there not being much point to doing it in the first place. Life is not a matter of something to enjoy, but a matter of survival.

I have trouble socially interacting with people. I close up shop and don’t be me around people I have never met before. I come across as someone who is antisocial, and I think overtime my personality has headed that way. Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky, but it seems to be me is too much of an effort, so I may as well be an emotionless being that just does what is expected, and the least amount possible.

I get anxious around groups of people. I need to always have an exit plan, so I know how to get out of any situation, if per chance one does arise. When it comes to fight or flight, I’ve been on the receiving end of fights, and I would much rather fly thank you.


Now as I said before, I don’t blame all of the problems I have had in my life on being bullied at school. What I’m trying to point out is, it’s not kids being kids, and we all grow out of it at some point. Being told to toughen up and stand up for yourself, because it’s a dog eat dog world isn’t right. Kids need to be protected from everyone, including themselves at times. We need to allow their brains to develop, to soak up as much information as possible. To know they have the support to try things, and if they fail, know that you fail more times in life than you do succeed. We need to encourage them to let their imagination go wild, because that’s how they learn to think. When kids think, they take more information in, that will help them through all stages of their life. When kids are more worried about making it through a lunch break with out being hurt physically or mentally by someone, they can’t be their best. When kids feel as though they are going to be killed in the place where they are meant to be learning, (and yes that does happen, I’ve been there) then they don’t have the mental capacity to learn.

The antics of school bullies is not how it is in the real world. We have laws to ensure people don’t come to harm for doing their job. If you’re an office worker, think about what would happen if you were dragged out of your workstation, had your head flushed down the toilet, and you were repeatedly beaten by co-workers, simply because they felt like it. They would lose their jobs, the whole situation would be going through the courts for damages. The company would have it’s arse kicked, the police would be involved, and the whole thing would be dealt with. Why doesn’t this happen at school? You can’t just say because it’s kids being kids, because it’s not.


Recently I had my school reunion. I didn’t feel like going, because even though everyone is now grown up, they could now legally consume alcohol, and if they remembered the “good old days” things might get out of hand very quickly. I sat in the car park for about twenty minutes bawling my eyes out. Eventually I went in, and found a near empty room. It turns out the bullies were not there, because they were either dead (for one reason or the other, usually drugs) or were in gaol (due to violent crimes), and wouldn’t be out for some time. It makes you wonder why their antics at school were accepted back then, because obviously they never made a good contribution to society.

I’ve also heard the stories of the bullies who years later apologise to someone they bullied at school. I’ve never had it happen personally, and doubt it ever will. In a way I don’t want it to happen either, because it would mean seeing those arseholes again. But if it was to happen, I could never accept the apology. A simple “I’m Sorry” just wouldn’t cut it at all, because the damage done is more than can be resolved with just two words.

140 Character To A Block.

An open letter to @mrtonymartin.

Dear Tony,
Over the years, you and I have shared a lot of things in common. We’ve both been annoyed by incorrect aspect ratio, laughed at obscure things, and been sacked by Triple M, just to name a few. I’ve watched all your television shows with keen interest, watched Bad Eggs at the cinema, and purchased it not once, but a second time after the little lugs that hold the booklet in the DVD case broke off. Sure the second time I bought it, it was cheaper to buy the DVD than it was to buy a replacement case, but I still did it. I’ve read both your books, and recommended them to many people. I’ve listened to all your radio shows, and tracked down the podcast of any appearances you have done on shows right through out the country. In other words, I’m a fan.

But I don’t follow you on twitter…, because you blocked me.

Now this happened about a week ago, after a late night tweet from you, which a few people found offensive, but to my knowledge, I was the only one to reply to you voicing a concern. I didn’t get offensive in any way, I merely pointed out that as a comedian of your standing, as someone people look up to (if you like it or not, it’s the price of fame) , your tweet was offensive.

I’m sure you remember the tweet, it was in regards to a recent Australian television show, which had had male and female versions made. So as a comedy tweet, you decided to fire off a cheap shot.

The problem was, the tweet was offensive to a minority group of the community, that daily faces discrimination, violence, offensive remarks, and are treated as second class citizens, simply because they are who they are. What your tweet did, was normalise, for people who follow you on twitter, treating a minority with disrespect.

In short, it wasn’t what was said, but the ramifications of what was said. My reply to you on twitter, was merely pointing out you had been offensive, and that it would be nice if you were not offensive.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like a good joke, but what you wrote wasn’t even close to a good joke. It was the kind of thing a bigot would say to other bigots while half drunk, and trying to impress someone not worth impressing.

It was an error, not a big one, but an error none the less, and I just mentioned it as such. For this, you blocked me. I can understand that you would get a lot of people who for some reason or another don’t like you, but I do like you, I am a fan.

So here is the deal I’m offering. How about you unblock me so I can keep following you, and we leave it at that. If not, well, so be it. At the end of the day, you were at least informed about being offensive, and hopefully it won’t happen again. If not, well hopefully others who read the tweets realised that what they might have thought was ok, was nothing but belittling and offensive.

I look forward to following you again.

It’s all about the Oranges baby.

The following is a true story. Only the types of fruit have been changed. Oh and a shitload of other names and details, that unless you are a complete tool, you will easily be able to work out what I’m really saying.


A few years ago, I was involved in a court case. You see a business partner and I got together, and as part of that arrangement, we grew some oranges…, two to be exact.

A few years down the path, the business ended, when the other party ran off with the oranges, and to cut a long story short, we ended up in court fighting over the oranges.

Now here’s the first thing I didn’t understand about the whole procedure. The business partner decided it was too much work watering those oranges, so decided not to work any other job. I on the other hand, had to keep working another job, because I was expected to keep paying for the ongoing costs of the oranges. I didn’t mind paying my share, but what irritated me, and still does to this day, is I paid not only for my share of the oranges, but for the business partner’s share as well.

The other thing that happened was, because the business partner didn’t work, they got given a solicitor, a barrister, which over time became a couple of solicitors and barristers. I on the other hand had to pay to go to court, to try and see the oranges, and had to pay my own legal costs, or represent myself. This is because I worked for a living. Yes, it was irritating that if you chose to do nothing, everything got handed to you on a plate, but if you made an effort, you were shunned. But I pressed on.


So we go before the judge and the judge agrees that I should get to see the oranges, and it should happen as soon as possible. But because it had been many months since I had seen the oranges, we would have to go through a reintroduction phase, so as to not shock the oranges. Yes, that’s right, I didn’t see the oranges for about 18 months, because of the delays in the legal system, so then because of that I would have to be reintroduced to them. The problem here is, the courts decided it was best to wait another six to tweleve months before this reintroduction would happen.

Now I admit I’m not the smartest person out there, but if you have been kept from your oranges illegally for a long time, why is it better to wait even longer to get to see them. How does that improve the situation?


Anyway, the time comes, and my former business partner decides to simply not turn up. How is this handled? Well I had to pay to go before the courts again, wait over six months to get to go before the judge, only for the judge to say “Naughty naughty, you should have taken the oranges to the meeting. Don’t be naughty again.”

Then I got sick. Very sick, fighting for my life sick, not sure if I would live or die sick. Cancer does that to you.

So what does my former business partner do? Well two things actually. One is to tell the oranges they can’t see me in case they catch the cancer too. The second is to try to get the courts to throw out the case of oranges (well not an actual case of oranges, but the case about the oranges) because I am supposedly faking the cancer.

The day in court comes, I had to fight with the hospital to let me out for a day, risking my life because at the time I had no immune system, to go before a judge for all of two minutes, where they said “You’re not faking. Hey former business partner, stop wasting the time of the court, you’re being naughty again.”


So we get to the point where former business partner again wont share the oranges equally as is meant to happen. Which means we go before the courts again, in a case that has now dragged on for about six years. I am there on my own, with a friend helping me to hand me documents and the like, while the former business partner has a bevy of legal staff, all paid for by the tax payer, because the former business partner still doesn’t want to actually work. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to work if you didn’t want to?

Anyway, we go before the judge, and the judge agrees with me, and orders the former business partner to hand over the two oranges, at an agreed time and place, to finally start the reintroduction process, that should have been started six years earlier. When the day comes, the former business partner decides not to turn up.


All up, this has dragged on for years. I have multiple court orders saying where and when things should happen, and I have abided by those orders every time. Every time the former business partner has ignored the orders, and the courts do nothing about it at all. Instead, I am forced to spend more money, more time doing my own legal work, because I can’t afford a lawyer, and take time off from work to go to court. The former business partner hasn’t had to pay a cent, hasn’t do a single thing the court orders say, and what happens? Nothing of course. Instead, I’m just expected to keep paying more and more money, to go through the stress of dealing with the legal profession, all for nothing.


I haven’t given up on seeing the oranges ever again, but I have given up on the Australian legal system. The amount of money it has cost me over the years is well over $50,000. The amount of stress hardship, pain and anger, can’t have a price put on it. The system simply isn’t worth dealing with. The Court for dealing with matters regarding oranges is a joke. They are not interested in the best interests of the oranges, as they are meant to be. No, they are just interested in dragging things out for as long as possible, to make as much money as possible for the lawyers. This should have been a simple matter that if the former business partner didn’t want to hand over the oranges when they were told to do it, then they should have had the oranges taken from them. But no, instead they get to ignore court orders (you know, legally binding documents), waste tax payer money left right and centre, and cause a lot of anguish for not only me, but the oranges too, all because they think the law doesn’t apply to them.


Well that’s wrong, it does apply to them, and it is meant to apply equally for all. But I have to seriously question that myself, after all I’ve been through with the legal system in this country.

Red Shield Appalling

This weekend the Salvation Army (The Salvos) have their Red Shield Appeal, where they go around knocking on doors, asking for donations. You also see them at the footy, shaking their tins, hoping the fans drop a few cents their way. This is all to continue the good work they do helping people in need.


But I wont be donating, and I haven’t given the footy tin rattlers anything for a while either, and here’s why.


I wont say the Salvos don’t do some good work within the community, and those involved with them certainly are dedicated to their job. But I can’t support an organisation that actively promotes hatred towards people who identify as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Intersexed or Queer.


Now this has nothing to do with me being in a same sex relationship, it has to do with my conscience. A few years back I realised working against these kind of hate groups wasn’t doing me any good. It was a waste of time and effort, because they don’t see a need to change. I questioned why they don’t see the need to change, and it came down to one thing, money. That’s right, as long as organisations still have the money rolling in, they don’t see a need to change. After all, if the community didn’t appreciate what they were doing, they wouldn’t give money would they? So I stopped giving money.


These days, when I go to the footy, and the Salvo shakes their tin in my direction, with a well worn smile on their face, I simply say to them “Unfortunately your organisation actively promotes hatred towards some of the most marginalised people in our community. Therefore I cam not support your cause.”

Now I’m not having a go at the person directly, and I feel no need to do that at all, after all, they are volunteering for what they think is a good cause. Many of them that I say this to just look perplexed. A few have asked what I mean, and so I go in to more detail. Most of them are shocked (for want of a better word), because they hadn’t thought about it, or didn’t know it was the policy. Only one time have I had a tin shaker turn on me and start howling at me for how wrong I am, and that some fictional imaginary friend of his is going to strike me down.


So this weekend, I ask you not to flat out deny these people your money. All I ask is you think about what your own views of society are, and if you feel comfortable giving money to the Salvos, or any other organisation that asks for your money.

Gone are the days when we just hand over money because it’s expected, and it’s the right thing to do. It’s time to think about how that money affects you, your views, your community, and the people in that community. As long as the Salvation Army have a policy based on hatred towards members of the GLBTIQ community, I can not support their work in any way.

Behind the scenes

As many of you will know, I was involved with the Adam Hills In Gordon Street Tonight show, on ABC television earlier this year. It was a wonderful time, and what you saw go to screen was genuine, but there was a lot that didn’t make it to the big screen.

First of all there was the people directly and indirectly involved with the show. I’m talking about the crew from the show, and the general staff of the ABC.

The general staff didn’t have to be friendly towards us, but they certainly were. You could tell these people were hard working, and dedicated to their job, because they loved working where they worked. It didn’t matter if they were front desk staff, or people involved with other shows, they were all great people.

For those directly associated with the show, I have nothing but praise. Someone who has worked in the media myself, I know how the politics and bullshit often gets in the way of the final product. That was never the case with these people. Any time there was anything that may be a concern, they talked to us about it gave us full details, and together we made a decision. We were never told “This is what we are doing and you have to do it, because it is all about the rating.” Instead they wanted to make good quality television that could be enjoyed by a wide variety of people.

Something we often heard from Adam was “I’m so glad I’m at the ABC, because three is no way we could ever do this on commercial television. It shows just how dedicated he is to making quality, because he has had many offered to be on commercial television, but has decided to stay with the ABC. If you want proof, just look at the kind of guests that have appeared on the show. It wasn’t only people who have a book to flog, or an album that’s been released, but people with an interest, a passion, a story, that should be shared by everyone.

I have to say I am proud of what the show achieved this year, and I’m sad the ABC hasn’t renewed the show yet. I believe the ABC is very much needed in the media mix we have in Australia. It has a role to provide shows that not only rate (and AHIGST did Rae very well), but also give the wider Australian community a voice. Come on Aunty, do us all a favour and renew the show.

Finally, I’d like to thank the love of my life for all the hard work she put in too. There was a lot of burning the candle at both ends to put together the mass wedding. It was a trying, but together we got through it, as we plan to do for a very long time to come.

Lest We Forget

April 25 is the day we remember all those who have fallen in times of conflict. For me, it always brings up a memory from years gone by.

One of my great uncles, whom I may have met at some point in my youth, but who’s name is long forgotten, fought in the second world war. Many years after the war, he took a trip to Brisbane, and while there caught a tram. Yes Brisbanians, Brisbanites, Brisbanorians, Banana Benders, you use to have trams, and a bloody good system too. But I digress.

He boarded the tram, presented his pensioner card to the conductor and asked for a concession fare. The conductor said to him “Nah mate, full fare for you.”
Understandably, my great uncle was a bit perplexed by this, showed his pension card again and asked for a concession fare.
The conductor explained further, “Mate, that’s a Victorian concession card, not a Queensland one. You have to pay full fare.”
Obviously my great uncle was a bit taken back by this, and made his voice heard.
“I fought for this country in the trenches against the Germans and the Japanese. I did my bit for the country, and it entitled me to a concession fare. So one concession please.”

The conductor by now getting annoyed at being delayed in collecting fares replied “Still doesn’t matter, you’re a Victorian, so full fare.”

“Well,” said my great uncle, “if I had known that during the war, I would have shot at the bloody Queenslanders as well!”

He got a concession fare.

Yes I Like It, Yes I Am Putting A Ring On It

So it’s not to long until the big massive huge wedding is happening on Adam Hills In Gordon Street Tonight, and a lot of people have been asking questions about it. So with out further ado, here is the Frequently Asked Questions, now with bonus answers, and 10% more fibre.


How did you get involved in all of this?
Before getting tickets to the show, there is a questionnaire to fill out. When asked what she would do if prime minister for a day Elyse said she would legalise same sex marriage.
A couple of days before the episode was filmed, Adam Hills gave me a call and asked if I would propose, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Is the show live?
In short no. In long, the show is semi-live to tape. With the format of the show, they would need hundreds more cameras to catch everything, and even if you included the Hubble telescope, there wouldn’t be enough cameras on earth. Instead the show is filmed on a Monday night, and airs two days later on the Wednesday. I would guess the ABC has some editors who see very little sleep during those 48 hours.

Can I come to the wedding?
Unfortunately not. This thing is big, so big in fact there isn’t enough room in the studio for anyone else to be there. But please. Feel free to watch the show, as the ratings will help to push home the point this is something Australia wants.

Who is the celebrant?
Like most things to do with this wedding, and with the show in general, we simply have no idea. If you would like to start a tipping pool, please let me know who is the odds on favourite. The only two things we know are happening on the night is, Adam Ant is playing the music, and 41 couples from all over Australia are going to show the world how much they love each other.

Is the wedding legal?
Unfortunately it isn’t, but we will certainly be updating our Facebook profiles to say married. While it may just be a TV wedding, our commitment to each other is rock solid.

Ok, so if there is anything else you want to know, please ask. At this point though, I would like to thank everyone from the ABC, who are involved with the show, who have been absolutely amazing in how hard they have worked for all of this. I’d also like to thank all the other couples involved. We haven’t met all of you yet, but those we have are truly wonderful people. Everyone is doing this as a positive step forward, and celebrating the love they have for someone special.

Not At This Address

Dear WebJet,
Recently I made use of your services to book a flight, and all was good. But since then things have gone drastically down hill at a rate faster than being ejected from a cannon. It is all because of one thing.

At no point in time did I check any boxes to say “Hey WebJet, keep sending me a shitload of emails, full of your marketing crap, cause I really want to keep getting emails from you about shit I have not interest in”, or words to that affect.

In other words, stop sending me emails. No more, never again, quite simply and in no uncertain terms, I have no interest in any crap you want to sell me, or think I need because I fit some wanky profile someone with an asymmetrical hair cut dreamed up.

I already knew of your details, I used them for what I needed, end of discussion. Whoever thought I made a mistake in not wanting to deal with you again is completely wrong, regardless of if they are human or some early version of a T2000 robot, who is just waiting for the day someone by the name of Sarah Connor books a flight through you.

So to make my point clear just one more time, stop sending me emails. I don’t want to even hear from you that you’re sorry you kept sending me emails, just remove my details, and I’ll know it’s been done by the simple fact you stop sending me emails.

Kind regards,
A Green Cow.

You Giveth, You Take Awayeth.

For the last five years, there is something I’ve been hanging out to do. I’ve been patiently counting down the years, waiting to do just one thing. To do that thing, I had to make a phone call today (did I mention waiting five years for this moment), only to have my hopes and dreams shattered.

It turns out, despite all my patients, I am not allowed to donate blood.

“So what!” Many of you might be saying, who cares. But you see, since I was sixteen years of age, donating blood has been a big part of my life. All up I did 177 donations, until that day five years ago, during donation 178, when things started to go very wrong.

You see it was during this donation, they noticed a “slight error in the numbers” which turned out to be leukaemia. Yeah, just a minor issue in the figures there. While I was going through my treatment, I received a letter from the Blood Bank thanking me for all the effort I had made to donate, but at this point in time, they can’t take my blood, see you in five years for a reassessment.

Well it turns out that letter was sent out in error, as us blood cancer people are meant to get the “Errrrrr, blood germs, we call barleys” letter instead from the Blood Bank.


So I must say right now, I’m feeling a little lost. Something that was a big part of my life, is now gone forever. The joy I got from having to put up with a little bit of pain, yet knowing at the same time my one hour every two weeks (I did plasma donations) was making a difference for a lot of people. But no more.

Now if you’re one of these people who doesn’t donate because you can’t be stuffed, or you think it will hurt, or you have a fear of needles, well get over it and go donate. Seriously, I’m not going to do the soft sell here, blood is what keeps us alive. Sure I may have done 178 donations, but when I was sick, I had about 30 blood transfusions, and I was only in hospital for six months. As someone with O+ blood, I felt ashamed when I was given O- blood, because I felt that was being wasted on me, and it was too, because despite heaps of people being O+, not enough had donated.

I consider myself lucky, I only needed blood for a short space of time, and not much of it. But there are other people out there who need blood donations for their whole life. So get out there, do your bit, roll up your sleeve, and go enjoy one of the best damn milkshakes you can get for free. I started donating to get over my fear of needles, it didn’t work, but what I would give just to be able to go back to donating blood again.

Goin’ to the Chappell, and we’re….

Ok, first up, I know it should be Chapel and not Chappell…, or shouldn’t it be? Maybe I am talking about Ian or Greg or Trevor…, no not that Trevor, the other Trevor. You know the one who presents Overnights on the ABC local radio, and never gives out clues to the quiz?


It doesn’t matter, all that is just poor banter and a very flimsy segue into discussing the Adam Hills In Gordon Street Tonight show, which some of you may have seen last night. I know I didn’t I was stuck at work, but my phone did go wild a few minutes into the show, with people congratulating me on getting engaged to my beautiful girlfriend Elyse.


Yes, that was us, and for all of you who wonder why I don’t post photos of myself here more regularly (if at all), well, you saw the reason in full HD last night, unless you have a standard definition set top box.

So what is it all about? Am I invited to the wedding? Can I be your bridesmaid? What is the square root of pi, times 467, divided by 45 and added to 6?

Well working backwards it’s 24.394, no idea, no idea, and well, we’ll get to that point now.

The whole idea of the proposal happened when Adam called me a couple of days before the show and asked if I would do it. I wouldn’t say I jumped at the chance, but I did think it was a good idea. I’m not about pushing my own image for fame, but I felt that it was worth doing, because even though it is a little thing, it might be the thing that changes the mind of someone out there against same sex marriage.

The other part of it was the week Elyse had been having. With a recent death in her family, and the ensuing funeral, it was a close call as to if this would be a good thing, or not. She knows me quite well, and knows I wouldn’t do anything to intentionally harm her, and at worst, she would have said no and stormed out. That could have made for interesting television, or they would have just cut the segment and that was that. So yes, I felt it was the right thing to do, and Elyse had no idea of what was happening. Her only clue if any, was her ring going missing a couple of days beforehand, and wondering where it got to. For the record, it wasn’t between my boobs for a few days, just an hour or so. I’m thankful it wasn’t, because the box was leaving one hell of a mark.


As for all our friends and friends who have been living in woodwork for many years and see this as an opportunity for them to get their fifteen minutes of fame, we really don’t know what is happening at this point. Television shows just don’t happen, they need to be planned out, so you can have the behind the scenes crew make it happen. At this point in time, we are waiting to hear back from the producers as to how they want to run the show. This is a television wedding, not our actual wedding, because as was pointed out on the show, we can’t legally do that yet. I have some ideas I’d like to discuss with the producers. Nothing over the top, just ideas I had come to me that might work, and make for good television, but at the end of the day, they are running the show not myself or Elyse, and it’s been many years since I did any writing for television.


I’m also sure many of our friends will complain that we didn’t tell them what was happening, or what is going to happen. Well the truth there is, most of the time we don’t know what is happening ourselves, and what we do know would be pointless to say before it happens, as we don’t want to ruin the show.

Last of all, Adam Hills and all the team who are involved with the show should be thanked for what has happened so far. On the social media I have only seen one complaint, but many hundreds of people supporting what happened. Personally (and I’m sure Elyse will agree with this), I’m not out there to try and bring down any church, or ruin religion for all, or any other fire and brimstone thing you can think of. All I want to show is that two people who love each other very much, and want to spend the rest of their lives together, can’t legally be recognised to be doing just that in this country. I’m not trying to stop churches from only marrying people they choose to in their church. I’m not trying to force people to marry someone they don’t want to marry, regardless of gender. All I want is the same rights for every Australian, regardless of who they are. Hopefully our little television wedding can help bring that a step closer to being reality.